Three-Dimensional Mannequins

Color Ink is pleased to announce our newest innovation in three-dimensional printing: introducing 3D corrugated mannequins. Lightweight with an unique look, these mannequins are perfect for indoor displays at retail outlets. Our mannequins can be made from a variety of materials (corrugated cardboard, foam core, etc.) and can be altered to any dimensions to fit your company’s specific preferences. Change everything from the height of the mannequin, thickness of the material, number of layers. . . you name it. Need a full body mannequin? No problem. We have the ability to shape and transform almost any object and turn it into a high quality, three-dimensional masterpiece.

Made of corrugated cardboard, these 3D mannequins are eye-catching additions to any store.

Made from several materials, including corrugated cardboard as shown above, Color Ink’s 3D mannequins are eye-catching additions to any store.

Let’s look at some alternate views:

The view from the top.

The view from the top.

A closer inspection of the corrugated cardboard used to make Color Ink's mannequins.

A closer view.

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