A Closer Look: Lemonade Stand

Alongside our eye-catching Children’s Dollhouse stands yet another great FunDeco product tailored for little ones – the Children’s Lemonade Stand. At 80% the size of our standard Serving Center (32.75″ wide x 20″ deep x 33″ tall), the Lemonade Stand is ideal for any child. It’s constructed of extremely durable honeycomb board in order to withstand the wear and tear of everyday play. Remember – assembly requires zero tools and can be completed in just minutes!

With its vibrant colors and fun designs, the Lemonade Stand is what you secretly wish you had growing up!

With its vibrant colors and fun designs, the Lemonade Stand is what you secretly wish you had growing up!

And just what exactly can one expect to pay for such a Lemonade Stand? Well, it’s only $45!

Be sure to check out our entire line of children’s items, FunDeco Kidz!

What is honeycomb board?

FunDeco’s “honeycomb board” is a corrugated, low-density fiber substrate with a closed-cell honeycomb core. Both lightweight and extremely durable, honeycomb board is a rare blend in the furniture industry. Backed by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, our boards are made with 100% renewable resources and contain a minimum of 20% recycled fiber. The SFI is a responsible, fastidious company which utilizes rigorous third-party certification audits to ensure proper care is being taken during the production of their products. In the wake of a green ecology takeover, this versatile board uniquely responds to the market need for a combination of form, function, and sustainability.


Our honeycomb board is so strong that it ships to us on palets made of… you guessed it, honeycomb board!

Lightweight durability is a daily obstacle faced by the engineers at Ferrari S.p.A., the luxury sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. For several years Ferrari has been experimenting with cardboard in their side panels and dashboards to help make their vehicles more aerodynamic. The material has also been used in the production of Recreational Vehicles. In our book, if it’s good enough for Ferrari’s cars, it’s good enough for our coffee tables!

How It Works: Wall Graphic

The third installment of How It Works is a real eye-catcher. Unlike many of the prominent items sold by FunDeco, the Wall Graphic is not constructed of honeycomb board; instead, it’s made out of 6 millimeter vinyl based film with a strong adhesive. Just like other popular versions, our Wall Graphics can be reapplied a multitude of times while still retaining their stickiness. However, our Wall Graphics won’t leave a $100 hole in your checkbook — because they’re being offered for the incredibly low price of just $40! Yup, less than half of what you’d spend with ‘those other guys.’

Our Wall Graphics are  46″ x 46″, a perfect size that immediately draws attention to the vibrant colors and collegiate logo. Check out the awesome schools we’re officially licensed for:


To view our entire lineup of collegiate, childrens, and themed items, please visit www.fundeco.biz! We will also be at CAMEX 2013 in Booth #1937, so please stop by and see our products up-close!

A Closer Look: Children’s Dollhouse

One of the more popular items produced by FunDeco has been our Children’s Dollhouse. Measuring 32″ wide, 28″ tall, and 17.5″ deep, the Dollhouse is the perfect size for any child. The most staggering aspect? The price: just $25! Made of the same rigid, lightweight honeycomb board that is used in our Serving Centers, Bean Bag Toss Games, Wall ClocksPub Tables, and more, our Dollhouse is sturdy enough to withstand damage inflicted by your little ones.


All rooms in the FunDeco Dollhouse are brightly decorated with wallpaper, moulding, flooring, fireplaces, and area rugs – all printed directly on the interior walls.

How It Works: Wall Clock

Welcome to the second edition of How It Works, a chronicle of each item offered from FunDeco furniture & decor. Our next piece up for examination is the ever-popular Wall Clock.

FunDeco Wall Clocks are made of the same rigid, lightweight material that is used in our Serving Centers, Bean Bag Toss Games, Pub Tables, and more. When you receive your clock you will find an instruction sheet, return form, AA battery, and parts warranty enclosed.

The set-up couldn’t be easier. Place the battery into the slot on the back of the clock, then simply wind the crank on the timekeeping mechanism til you’ve got the correct time. Done. The chrome edging is already attached, along with the clock hands and winding mechanism. Hang on the wall via the built-in hole and you’ll never be late again!


Flip the clock to the backside to view the quartz time mechanism.

Wall Clocks are just $12 each. Here’s what we’ve got available:


Also, for just $21, you can create your very own custom clock with any image you’d like! Click here to start!

How It Works: FunDeco Pub Table

Welcome to the How It Works series, a chronicle of each item offered from FunDeco furniture & decor. In the following weeks we’ll be covering the basics of FunDeco: the what, why, and how. Expect product descriptions, photos, and a breakdown of how each piece is constructed for use. The first in our series is one of the most versatile items produced by FunDeco – the Pub Table.

Portable and unbelievably lightweight, our Pub Table is ideal for your next tailgate, birthday party, or gathering of any sort. It features a 24″ diameter laminated top and stands 42″ tall. For a closer look, let’s examine…


The Pub Table comes in three pieces, as shown above.

Putting together the Pub Table literally takes less than thirty seconds! Just slide the two long pieces together as shown below…


After interlocking the legs of the table, you’ll have a solid base (which comes with four “feet” (not shown) to keep the table elevated off the ground and help prevent the bottom from scuffing).

The completed base of the Pub Table. (Notice the 4 strips of velcro for easily attaching the table top.)

The completed base of the Pub Table.

The top of the Pub Table is secured to the base with 4 velcro strips. All you’ve gotta do is simply ‘top’ it off!

The top of the Pub Table is equipped with velcro for easy attachment and is also laminated to help prevent spills.

The top of the Pub Table is equipped with velcro for easy attachment and is also laminated to help prevent spills.

Ten seconds later…


The finished Pub Table, minus optional white edging (included).

Be sure to check out all of our Pub Tables at www.fundeco.biz!


Social media keys company growth

The wizard behind the curtain? Social media.

The success stories are abundant – go ahead, google it. Time and time again, social media has aided organizations and taken their achieved success to a higher level. But just how exactly can tweeting, posting, and pinning increase your company’s revenue stream?

The concept is simple: enhance your brand, establish reliability, and your following will grow. It’s been said, “If you build it, they will come.” In reality, that rule is actually more applicable in today’s business world than for fictitious baseball diamonds (see the Miami Marlins).

With social media, the marketing possibilities are literally endless. Take this Twitter QR code for example.

With social media, the marketing possibilities are literally endless.

Take Color Ink’s very own FunDeco furniture & decor for example. From humble beginnings, FunDeco has transformed into a well recognized, popular brand now seen in campus bookstores, Marquette basketball games at the BMO Harris Bradley Center, tailgates throughout the United States, and even heard on ESPN Radio – all within a six month span. Over that time, FunDeco has seen its “likes” on Facebook rise from twenty-something to a whopping 2,490 and counting. Each “like” represents a unique fan who now receives FunDeco updates, promotions, deals, and games right in their Facebook news feed. As a result, FunDeco has enjoyed a dramatic spike in sales.

Interacting with individual customers via social media platforms is one of the best ways to get a leg up on the competition.  If you’re unsure about starting or improving your own social media efforts, we’re here to help! Please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re more than happy to discuss what our social media team can do for you!