Color Ink Cleans Up at GLGA Awards

Color Ink had their most impressive showing ever at the 2013 Great Lakes Graphic Association Graphic Excellence Awards, taking home a whopping six Best of Category entries as well as seventeen Awards of Excellence. FunDeco, in particular, was a huge winner. The awards for Cross Media Promotion, Special Innovation in Printing, Digital Large Format, and Other Special Innovation all went to FunDeco. Below is the complete list of awards collected by Color Ink / FunDeco.

TL1* – Cartons and Containers: Sony Sales Kit: Best of Category, Best of Division

W8 – Cross Media Promotion: FunDeco Furniture and DecorBest of Category

Y2 – Special Innovation Awards – Other: FunDeco Storage CubeBest of Category

N5 – Digital Large Format: FunDeco Serving CenterBest of Category

D8 – Novelty Books: Where There’s a WedgeBest of Category

Y1 – Special Innovation Awards – Printing: FunDeco Serving Center: Best of Category

O5 – Product Packaging Assembly: FunDeco Step StoolAward of Excellence

O2 – Diecuts, Pop-Ups, Unique Folds, and Involvement Devices: Where There’s a Wedge – BoxedAward of Excellence

O2 – Diecuts, Pop-Ups, Unique Folds, and Involvement Devices: Holiday Countdown – Wisconsin LotteryAward of Excellence

A2* – Folders (4 or more colors): UW-Madison Admissions & Recruitment FolderAward of Excellence

B2* – Brochures and Broadsides (4 or more colors): Four Seasons BrochureAward of Excellence

X2 – Specialty Printing – Other: FunDeco Dry-Erase Message BoardAward of Excellence

O3 – Specialty Inks or Coatings, Fragrances, or “Invisible” Printing Inks: Four Seasons Bora Bora BrochureAward of Excellence

Y1 – Special Innovation Awards – Printing: FunDeco Dry-Erase Message BoardAward of Excellence

M – Calendars: Color Ink CalendarAward of Excellence

O5 – Product Packaging Assembly: FunDeco Storage CubeAward of Excellence

W7 – Self-Mailing Unit: Harley-Davidson Direct MailersAward of Excellence 

X2 – Specialty Printing – Other: FunDeco DollhouseAward of Excellence

X2 – Specialty Printing – Other: FunDeco Bean Bag Toss GameAward of Excellence

N5 – Digital Large Format: FunDeco Shelving Unit/Storage CubesAward of Excellence

D9 – Diaries and Desk Calendars: Color Ink Desk CalendarAward of Excellence

Y2 – Special Innovation Awards – Other: FunDeco Wall ClockAward of Excellence

X2 – Specialty Printing – Other: FunDeco Wall ClockAward of Excellence

One Giant Leap for Mankind, err… Pencils

Here at Color Ink, we delve into all sorts of unique projects. Our most recent undertaking is an over-sized, three-dimensional pencil intended for use in ‘back to school’ displays or other educational settings. Made of quarter-inch honeycomb board, our giant pencil is four inches wide and measures a hair under six feet tall. Yes, it’s probably taller than you. Let’s take a peek!

Only two inches shorter than Aaron Rodgers, our pencil is roughly ten times larger than your standard yellow #2 writing apparatus.

Only two inches shorter than Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers, our pencil is roughly ten times larger than your standard #2 yellow writing apparatus.

Ready for the close-ups?


A closer view of the eraser and pencil tip. Notice the scale.

Interested? Looking for a quote? Please contact our sales reps at 262-246-5000.

Three-Dimensional Mannequins

Color Ink is pleased to announce our newest innovation in three-dimensional printing: introducing 3D corrugated mannequins. Lightweight with an unique look, these mannequins are perfect for indoor displays at retail outlets. Our mannequins can be made from a variety of materials (corrugated cardboard, foam core, etc.) and can be altered to any dimensions to fit your company’s specific preferences. Change everything from the height of the mannequin, thickness of the material, number of layers. . . you name it. Need a full body mannequin? No problem. We have the ability to shape and transform almost any object and turn it into a high quality, three-dimensional masterpiece.

Made of corrugated cardboard, these 3D mannequins are eye-catching additions to any store.

Made from several materials, including corrugated cardboard as shown above, Color Ink’s 3D mannequins are eye-catching additions to any store.

Let’s look at some alternate views:

The view from the top.

The view from the top.

A closer inspection of the corrugated cardboard used to make Color Ink's mannequins.

A closer view.

Interested? Looking for a quote? Please contact our sales reps at 262-246-5000.

Social media keys company growth

The wizard behind the curtain? Social media.

The success stories are abundant – go ahead, google it. Time and time again, social media has aided organizations and taken their achieved success to a higher level. But just how exactly can tweeting, posting, and pinning increase your company’s revenue stream?

The concept is simple: enhance your brand, establish reliability, and your following will grow. It’s been said, “If you build it, they will come.” In reality, that rule is actually more applicable in today’s business world than for fictitious baseball diamonds (see the Miami Marlins).

With social media, the marketing possibilities are literally endless. Take this Twitter QR code for example.

With social media, the marketing possibilities are literally endless.

Take Color Ink’s very own FunDeco furniture & decor for example. From humble beginnings, FunDeco has transformed into a well recognized, popular brand now seen in campus bookstores, Marquette basketball games at the BMO Harris Bradley Center, tailgates throughout the United States, and even heard on ESPN Radio – all within a six month span. Over that time, FunDeco has seen its “likes” on Facebook rise from twenty-something to a whopping 2,490 and counting. Each “like” represents a unique fan who now receives FunDeco updates, promotions, deals, and games right in their Facebook news feed. As a result, FunDeco has enjoyed a dramatic spike in sales.

Interacting with individual customers via social media platforms is one of the best ways to get a leg up on the competition.  If you’re unsure about starting or improving your own social media efforts, we’re here to help! Please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re more than happy to discuss what our social media team can do for you!

Im”Press”ive: Color Ink adds Uvistar Pro-8

The Uvistar Pro8 from Fujifilm – a versatile printing monster.

Extra, extra! Read all about it! Color Ink has purchased an impressive press for their large format department – the flexible Uvistar Pro8 from Fujifilm. First introduced at the 2012 Specialty Printing & Imaging Technology SGIA Expo, the Uvistar Pro8 is one of the most versatile printers on the market. UV curing inkjet technology is rapidly progressing and is now the slam dunk favorite to print superwide graphics. UV inkjet offers instantaneous curing and is both clean and efficient. The Uvistar Pro8 specializes in poster and PoP materials, billboards, vehicle graphics, and backlight signage over 16 feet (5 meters) wide. The automatic rigid media system widens the range to also include exhibition graphics, PoP displays, graphic arts, and other indoor displays. Plus, printing on polyethylene for single skin posters is now available. It’s easier than ever to differentiate yourself from the competition! The following are the three most significant features of the printing monster known as the Uvistar Pro8.


Multi-file printing allows three different images to print simultaneously. The scale up function of the press makes it possible to magnify print files two to four times their original size while greatly reducing the RIP time of said files. In-line finishing utilizes cutters which trim and separate images on the go, saving valuable time. Plus, the Uvistar Pro8 features throughput speeds faster than 1,148 feet (350 meters) squared per hour, vastly cutting-down on production time.


Uvijet inks are the ‘life-blood’ of Uvistar. Made using their patented Micro-V dispersion process, Fujifilm is able to reduce pigment to sizes smaller than a human cell. Higher pigment concentrations mean stronger, more vibrant colors which pop off the page. Uvistar ink also adheres extremely well to most PoP materials while offering class leading quality and excellent spot color reproduction. It’s also great on heat sensitive substrates such as polyethylene.


Advancements in software technology have made it possible for Fujifilm to create an algorithm, Parallel Drop Size (or PDS), which allows jetting within the same print pass of small (20 pl) and large (40 pl) droplets without reducing speeds. This unique usage of smaller droplets smooths out images which have the tendency to appear grainy when viewed up close.

So if you’ve got large format printing needs, there is no doubt that the Uvistar Pro8 can fulfill them in the quickest, most efficient, high-quality manner possible.

Links to other press regarding Color Ink’s monumental purchase can be found herehere, & here.

Three Todd’s and a Uvistar: Reps from Color Ink and Fujifilm pose for a picture at the SGIA 2012 show. Color Ink purchased the Uvistar Pro8 to enhance their large format printing department. (From left: Mike LaForest, VP of operations-Color Ink, Todd Meissner, president-Color Ink, Tak Yanagawa, division president-Fujifilm, Todd Zimmerman, VP and GM-Fujifilm, and Todd Murphy, digital sales manager-Fujifilm.)