Details emerge about FunDeco retail outlet

UW-Milwaukee dorm room

With FunDeco’s new store, customers will be able to see and touch all products in a dorm-like setting similar to the pictured room above.

With the November 1 launch rapidly approaching, more details have surfaced regarding the FunDeco retail store set to open in Sussex, Wisconsin. Next to the sparkling new “Jim Meissner Fine Art” gallery, the FunDeco store will be a collegiate playground filled with the latest FunDeco innovations. Plans about the layout have begun to emerge. Customers who visit the store will enjoy numerous high-def televisions showing ESPNU or highlights from marquee football games, such as Wisconsin’s demolition of Nebraska in last season’s Big Ten Championship Game. There will be several set-ups featured as well. From a tailgate area packed with bars, chairs, and bean bag toss games to a sample dorm room set-up with storage bins, desks, and wall graphics, customers will be able to experience the full range of FunDeco products. There will also be a massive interactive touch screen to design custom items. With prices lowered and football season officially in full swing, there has never been a better time to deck out your room, basement, or tailgate with FunDeco!

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FunDeco Retail Store Set To Open November 1

An artist's rendering of the FunDeco retail store sign.

An artist’s rendering of the FunDeco retail store and Jim Meissner fine art gallery signage.

SUSSEX, Wis. — Due to increasing demand and popularity, FunDeco is pleased to announce plans for a retail outlet in Sussex, WI. The store, tentatively set to open its doors to the public on November 1, 2013, will be located directly next to Color Ink. With dorm displays, tailgate set-ups, and a myriad of products and samples, the FunDeco store will be an excellent venue for customers to view, interact with, and purchase items. In addition to the November 1 grand opening, there will be a brand new art gallery devoted to Color Ink’s owner and founder, Jim Meissner. Much of Jim’s work can be viewed here. Stay tuned for future developments…

FunDeco Scores Big at Wisconsin Football Family Fun Day

FunDeco President Todd Meissner watches as kids play bean bag toss with one of FunDeco’s many honeycomb products.

This past Saturday the Badgers took the field at Camp Randall for their annual Football Family Fun Day. Kids and fans stormed the turf to meet their idols, get autographs, and play some games. FunDeco played a big part in the fun by stationing a Serving Center and Bean Bag Toss Game on the sideline. Kids spent all evening playing bags, chatting with Badgers, and enjoying the wonderful weather! FunDeco will have a presence at each and every Wisconsin home football game this season, so be on the lookout for more fun and some great deals! And don’t forget to take advantage of that special promo code given out at Family Fun Day! If you missed out, don’t worry. There will be numerous opportunities to save BIG on FunDeco this season with the Badgers! On Wisconsin! (more pics below…)


FunDeco wins a Benny!

We are extremely proud to announce that FunDeco has won the 2013 Premier Print Award for Cross-Media Promotion! What does this mean, exactly? We get (another) Benny! FunDeco representatives will accept the prestigious award during the Premier Print Awards Gala in Chicago on September 8th.


So how’d we earn this recognition? If you haven’t heard our commercial featuring Mike Golic on ESPN Radio, or have yet to see our semi cruising alongside you on the highway, or didn’t receive a custom postcard with pictures of your school’s items “FunDeco’d,” then you’ve got to check out our main social media pages below.

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All this and more combined to bring FunDeco a Benny!

Color Ink Cleans Up at GLGA Awards

Color Ink had their most impressive showing ever at the 2013 Great Lakes Graphic Association Graphic Excellence Awards, taking home a whopping six Best of Category entries as well as seventeen Awards of Excellence. FunDeco, in particular, was a huge winner. The awards for Cross Media Promotion, Special Innovation in Printing, Digital Large Format, and Other Special Innovation all went to FunDeco. Below is the complete list of awards collected by Color Ink / FunDeco.

TL1* – Cartons and Containers: Sony Sales Kit: Best of Category, Best of Division

W8 – Cross Media Promotion: FunDeco Furniture and DecorBest of Category

Y2 – Special Innovation Awards – Other: FunDeco Storage CubeBest of Category

N5 – Digital Large Format: FunDeco Serving CenterBest of Category

D8 – Novelty Books: Where There’s a WedgeBest of Category

Y1 – Special Innovation Awards – Printing: FunDeco Serving Center: Best of Category

O5 – Product Packaging Assembly: FunDeco Step StoolAward of Excellence

O2 – Diecuts, Pop-Ups, Unique Folds, and Involvement Devices: Where There’s a Wedge – BoxedAward of Excellence

O2 – Diecuts, Pop-Ups, Unique Folds, and Involvement Devices: Holiday Countdown – Wisconsin LotteryAward of Excellence

A2* – Folders (4 or more colors): UW-Madison Admissions & Recruitment FolderAward of Excellence

B2* – Brochures and Broadsides (4 or more colors): Four Seasons BrochureAward of Excellence

X2 – Specialty Printing – Other: FunDeco Dry-Erase Message BoardAward of Excellence

O3 – Specialty Inks or Coatings, Fragrances, or “Invisible” Printing Inks: Four Seasons Bora Bora BrochureAward of Excellence

Y1 – Special Innovation Awards – Printing: FunDeco Dry-Erase Message BoardAward of Excellence

M – Calendars: Color Ink CalendarAward of Excellence

O5 – Product Packaging Assembly: FunDeco Storage CubeAward of Excellence

W7 – Self-Mailing Unit: Harley-Davidson Direct MailersAward of Excellence 

X2 – Specialty Printing – Other: FunDeco DollhouseAward of Excellence

X2 – Specialty Printing – Other: FunDeco Bean Bag Toss GameAward of Excellence

N5 – Digital Large Format: FunDeco Shelving Unit/Storage CubesAward of Excellence

D9 – Diaries and Desk Calendars: Color Ink Desk CalendarAward of Excellence

Y2 – Special Innovation Awards – Other: FunDeco Wall ClockAward of Excellence

X2 – Specialty Printing – Other: FunDeco Wall ClockAward of Excellence

New Schools Added to FunDeco Line

FunDeco is proud to announce new partnerships with several academic institutions. Please stay tuned for comprehensive coverage of the schools we’ve added, including but not limited to:

As stated above, we’ve got many, MANY more schools to come!

A Closer Look: Lemonade Stand

Alongside our eye-catching Children’s Dollhouse stands yet another great FunDeco product tailored for little ones – the Children’s Lemonade Stand. At 80% the size of our standard Serving Center (32.75″ wide x 20″ deep x 33″ tall), the Lemonade Stand is ideal for any child. It’s constructed of extremely durable honeycomb board in order to withstand the wear and tear of everyday play. Remember – assembly requires zero tools and can be completed in just minutes!

With its vibrant colors and fun designs, the Lemonade Stand is what you secretly wish you had growing up!

With its vibrant colors and fun designs, the Lemonade Stand is what you secretly wish you had growing up!

And just what exactly can one expect to pay for such a Lemonade Stand? Well, it’s only $45!

Be sure to check out our entire line of children’s items, FunDeco Kidz!

What is honeycomb board?

FunDeco’s “honeycomb board” is a corrugated, low-density fiber substrate with a closed-cell honeycomb core. Both lightweight and extremely durable, honeycomb board is a rare blend in the furniture industry. Backed by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, our boards are made with 100% renewable resources and contain a minimum of 20% recycled fiber. The SFI is a responsible, fastidious company which utilizes rigorous third-party certification audits to ensure proper care is being taken during the production of their products. In the wake of a green ecology takeover, this versatile board uniquely responds to the market need for a combination of form, function, and sustainability.


Our honeycomb board is so strong that it ships to us on palets made of… you guessed it, honeycomb board!

Lightweight durability is a daily obstacle faced by the engineers at Ferrari S.p.A., the luxury sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. For several years Ferrari has been experimenting with cardboard in their side panels and dashboards to help make their vehicles more aerodynamic. The material has also been used in the production of Recreational Vehicles. In our book, if it’s good enough for Ferrari’s cars, it’s good enough for our coffee tables!

A Closer Look: Children’s Dollhouse

One of the more popular items produced by FunDeco has been our Children’s Dollhouse. Measuring 32″ wide, 28″ tall, and 17.5″ deep, the Dollhouse is the perfect size for any child. The most staggering aspect? The price: just $25! Made of the same rigid, lightweight honeycomb board that is used in our Serving Centers, Bean Bag Toss Games, Wall ClocksPub Tables, and more, our Dollhouse is sturdy enough to withstand damage inflicted by your little ones.


All rooms in the FunDeco Dollhouse are brightly decorated with wallpaper, moulding, flooring, fireplaces, and area rugs – all printed directly on the interior walls.