What is honeycomb board?

FunDeco’s “honeycomb board” is a corrugated, low-density fiber substrate with a closed-cell honeycomb core. Both lightweight and extremely durable, honeycomb board is a rare blend in the furniture industry. Backed by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, our boards are made with 100% renewable resources and contain a minimum of 20% recycled fiber. The SFI is a responsible, fastidious company which utilizes rigorous third-party certification audits to ensure proper care is being taken during the production of their products. In the wake of a green ecology takeover, this versatile board uniquely responds to the market need for a combination of form, function, and sustainability.


Our honeycomb board is so strong that it ships to us on palets made of… you guessed it, honeycomb board!

Lightweight durability is a daily obstacle faced by the engineers at Ferrari S.p.A., the luxury sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. For several years Ferrari has been experimenting with cardboard in their side panels and dashboards to help make their vehicles more aerodynamic. The material has also been used in the production of Recreational Vehicles. In our book, if it’s good enough for Ferrari’s cars, it’s good enough for our coffee tables!

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