Big-Box Store Displays

Brilliant custom displays are just one of our many specialties here at Color Ink. Aside from digital, UV, large format, and our award winning sheet fed printing, we design and produce custom products for numerous companies. Our newest venture? FunDeco honeycomb board. This material is simply amazing. Made of lightweight, rigid honeycomb cardboard, we’re able to construct models and displays which weigh a fraction of what you’d find anywhere else. Why is this important? Our products cost less to ship, are easier to maneuver and set-up, and are much cheaper. Take a look at our latest creation!

This display may look heavy, but in reality it’s super lightweight yet still incredibly durable.

And in case you need anything else, Color Ink features a complete pre-press department, a pressroom equipped with six sheet fed printing presses, a full bindery, a mailing and fulfillment operation, a full digital printing operation, and a digital photography and video studio.

Our creative team also provides literature design, illustration, retouching, packaging design/engineering, interactive, animation, web site design, and video editing/production! Phew!

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